Fall Art Show Guidelines

2023 Juried Fall Art Show Guidelines

Submission Guidelines:
All work must be original. Work must not have been previously submitted to this show.


  • Painting (Watercolor, acrylic, oil and pastels)
  • Drawing (Pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, pen and ink)
  • Sculpture (Wood carving, stone, metal and 3D)
  • Ceramics (Stoneware, clay and porcelain)
  • Photography (Film and digital)
  • Mixed Media (Collage, fiber art, printmaking, digital/graphic art) *contact us for AI generated art
  • Jewelry (Lamp work, metal work, fused glass, clay polymer, pyrite, ceramic jewelry, carved wood, stone) * all jewelry must be at least 85% artist created/worked material

Submitting Work
Each entry must be accompanied by a completed application form for each piece.

Payment of Entry Fees must be paid at time of submission before they are judged for admission.

Each work must be labeled with the tags included in the application.

  1. Artist’s Name/Address/Phone/Email
  2. Medium/Category
  3. Title
  4. Price (or NFS)

Entry Fees
NCAC Member: $35 for first piece, $5 for each additional piece. Maximum of 5 pieces.
Non-Member: $40 for first piece, $5 for each additional piece. Maximum to 5 pieces.
Note: All Entry Fees are Non-Refundable

Application and Payments

Online: You can apply and pay your entry fee online  (Preferred Method)

Email: Download the application, then email application and image files to FallArtShow@nnyart.org.