Book Review – Death In The Family by Tessa Wegert

Tessa Wegert’s debut novel “Death In The Family,” with a hazy, fog shrouded, fictional Tern Island on the cover, immediately puts the reader in the setting of the river in the off season.  It is colder, a bit more removed from the summer crowds, and also the perfect setting for a murder mystery.

This is exactly what the reader will get: a family of damaged siblings, a doting grandmother, just enough ancillary guests to pile on the mystery of who might have a motive, and two detectives wrestling with their own demons.

Combined with a side plot involving a serial killer, setting up more in the series (forthcoming in December), our detective Shana Merchant, just arrived in A-Bay with her fiancé, has her experience investigating homicides with the NYPD put to the test.

This book is so tightly written, with twists and turns rivaling the river itself, I’ve been recommending it to every mystery lover who comes into the book store.  I’ve not heard a complaint yet.

Rebecca Kinnie, Owner
The Little Book Store

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